Alice Stevens

Alice Stevens

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About the Maker

Alice graduated with a BA(Hons) in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design from Truro College 2017. She makes copper and brass literary bookmarks, brooches, pins, silver jewellery, copper patina wall art and hand raised vessels.


I make everything by hand using traditional silversmithing techniques. My vessels are hand raised. This is a technique where a circular sheet of metal is hammered thousands of times against a raising stake until a vessel is formed. This is an incredibly slow process and can take many weeks for each vessel. I use patinas in a lot of my work, this is where metal is coloured using either chemicals or heat or a combination of the two. Copper is particularly good at producing a wide range of beautiful colours when using this process. Each bookmark I make is cut out by hand and then hand struck using metal stamps and a hammer. The quotes I choose are quite often dark and appeal to my sense of humour.

"My passion is to bring my ideas to life through the medium of metal. I am always at my happiest working away in my workshop on a new project."