Rob Moss

About the Maker

FreeHeel Design is a bag / backpack / luggage design and soft product development consultancy. It is the culmination of many years working for international brands, focussing on design detail, process and high ‘sustainable’ quality for the brand and product purpose. Following Robs' passion for mountain sports, he has worked for Lowe Alpine (UK) Ltd as an apparel designer before moving to Mammut Sports Group AG in Switzerland where he was a backpack designer for Mammut and sleeping bag designer for Ajungilak, one of the oldest sleeping bag brands. From here he moved on to become Design Director for the largest luggage manufacturer in the world: SAMSONITE with ‘OUTLAB’.

This wealth of design and production experience, combined with his passion for and knowledge of outdoor activities, gives clients full confidence in FreeHeel Design's understanding of the needs and demands of the sports equipment industry.


Rob engineers the components parts of his Hypalon wallets, card holders and lanyards with high precision techniques from his design and manufacturing knowledge challenging this by completing them with traditional hand finishing techniques.

Using super strong Hypalon, which is a high performance Dupont product more commonly used in the marine industry in boat constructionist is resistant to to chemicals, temperature extremes and ultra violet light. Rob laser cuts and engraves each individual piece locally in Cornwall. This gives a very precise and faultless cut and surface finish. The product parts are then cleaned and inspected before being individually polished by hand. The parts are then saddle stitched together using polyester thread which is super strong.

Bringing precision and handcraft together gives the user a tactile and long-lasting, hard wearing product. A perfect balance in size, big enough to be easy to use and find whilst small enough to fit in your pocket or bag without noticing it.