Alice Selwood

Alice Selwood

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About the Maker

Alice Selwood is a Textile Designer who specialises in creating elegantly, detailed embroidery and embellishment, for luxury fashion and interiors. Inspired by strong organic and structural forms, she pushes the boundaries of traditional embroidery and beading to create sharp sophisticated designs.


Based in a studio on a small farm, Alice takes inspiration from her beautiful surroundings. A strong believer in ‘keeping it local’ Alice sources all her embroidery production and fabrics within the UK. Designed and produced with originality and quality at its heart, Alice offers luxurious and made to order ranges of soft furnishings, fabrics and fashion accessories.

"Embroidery is a dying art in the UK, and my aim is to make beautiful embroidered products to showcase just how important our British industry is. Everything is designed, sourced and made within Cornwall, if not the UK."