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About the Maker

Called Turner & Spink, the two Lucy’s have designed a unique range of affordable hand-crafted jewellery bringing together hammered sterling silver with retro-favourite laser cut Formica to create distinctive bright modern pieces. Each pair of stud earrings are uniquely versatile and can be worn in four different ways.


Lucy Turner starts by selecting the Formica colour combinations and laser cutting out the shapes. She then etches the designs into the dangly designs before passing them to Lucy Spink who makes the silver studs and findings by hand, adding texture to make each pair unique.The stud earrings can be worn in 4 ways: 2 different matching colour pairs, 1 pair made with one of each colour and the studs can be removed and worn on their on. 4 in 1! Each pair comes with one colour on one side, one on the other and two recycled sterling silver studs.

"Formica is a wonderful and durable material. It is so vibrant and tactile. The handmade silver element makes each pair unique and we pride ourselves on using sustainable materials keeping our carbon footprint down without comprising style, design and quality. "