Lee Kellgren

Lee Kellgren

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About the Maker

Lee is an artist printmaker specialising in etchings from copperplate and photogravure. After many years as a member of Spike Print Studio in Bristol, she now works from her studio in a converted chapel in Penryn, Cornwall, where she creates her atmospheric original etchings that are hand inked and hand printed in limited editions.


Lee uses two contrasting techniques; the first, traditional copperplate etching, involves making marks and using acid with soft-ground, sugar-lift and aquatint to create prints that have a painterly quality. The second technique, photogtavure, uses ultraviolet light biting into sensitive polymer Toyobo plates. Images are created from photographs, manipulated acetate positives, x-ray film or images drawn onto translucent film. This techniques creates etching prints with a delicate other-worldly quality.