Michael Brett

Michael Brett

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About the Maker

Michael studied fine art at Falmouth Art College, Cornwall specialising in painting and printmaking. On graduating he continued his studies at the Institute of Education, London which has led to a twenty-four year career teaching and lecturing in art. He draws constantly; at breakfast, whilst teaching and late into the evening.


Drawing from direct observation is the key and informs his printmaking and painting. Michael is currently working in his studio in Falmouth. Michael's work explores the landscapes and histories of West Cornwall. The wind swept heights of the cliff tops offer vertiginous perspectives; lines and shapes drop away, colours hover taking the viewer on a weightless journey over the edge and away...

Notes from sketchbook Portmoina Cove, 4th Feb 2018: "Energy grabs and electrifies; feelings are spirited here, awoken, made vital and alive... danger is inches away. Making art at the cliff edge triggers big questions and through careful study answers arrive, like the submerged rocks appearing on the withdrawing sea. Working in this land exposes one to inquisitive thought and creativity; one has to be sure footed and alert in thinking."