Sophie Jarram

Sophie Jarram

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About the Maker

Working from her studio in Leicester, Sophie Jarram learnt about all things clay whilst studying Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University. Since then her ceramics have been sold all across the country. Sophie’s work is influenced by her love for colour and of course her obsession for plants - especially cacti.      


For Sophie making her pots begins with a plaster mould. She has developed her work to combine both traditional and experimental slip casting techniques. Sophie’s focus has been on surface design, body stains are used to add colour to the porcelain clay which she uses to create one of a kind pieces - no two are the same. Leaving the planters unglazed allows you to feel the lovely qualities of the porcelain while still being perfectly safe to use as plant pots or even as decorative pieces for the home.

"My pots are a reflection of things I love, colour and plants. I’ve learnt a lot working with porcelain and I’m always in search of new techniques to develop my work."