Rose Roberts

Rose Roberts

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About the Maker

Rose is inspired by working with clay and living in Cornwall - the beauty, the history and even the weather. She is hugely influenced by the ruggedness of the natural and historical landscapes and the power of the sea. This, contrasted by the intricacies of sheltered corners and shorelines, and the calmness of still days, is something that endlessly fascinates her and is reflected within her work.


Rose hand builds each piece of work, using different clays to create textures and convey feelings: grogged clay for ruggedness, porcelain to create delicateness, and glazes that reflect the sea, the rain, freshness and hidden depths.

"I become totally immersed when hand building as I can feel the piece evolving and forming, consequently I create organic shapes reflecting the natural beauty of Cornwall. For me, holding a finished piece of ceramics in your hands, is as important as looking at it from a distance."