Helen Eastham

Helen Eastham

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About the Maker

Helen Eastham specialises in making sculptural kiln formed vessels inspired by her native coastal environment. Working from her garden studio in Newquay, Helen utilises colours synonymous with the sea, shoreline and coast path.  Her shapes and forms are representative of sand-pools, anemones, pebbles and other curious findings she encounters on and between the beaches and land. 


Helen's vessels require multiple firings in the kiln with each firing taking in excess of 12 hours. Utilising sheet and glass powders she layers component parts to make a given design which is fired into a flat piece of glass. The fused sheet of glass is then suspended over a handmade mould with an aperture.  Manipulating temperature, time and gravity Helen monitors the descent by eye until the desired shape is achieved. ​Next the excess glass is removed from the lip of the vessel to reveal the real identity of each sculptural piece.  This stage leaves the vessel with sharp edges which need to be further cold worked using diamond pads, and files to elicit the final form of the rim. "To me each individual vessel acts as a visual cue to connect me to a person, time or place.  The shoreline are like having a piece of the ocean in my living room, they are the talisman to beach walks with family and friends.  Like each person, walk, memory and place each vessel is completely unique. "