Paula Downing

Paula Downing

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About the Maker

Living on a rugged strip of land in the Atlantic, the pull of the wild as muse is impossible for the artist (Paula Downing) to ignore. Its form, colour and evolution are as dramatic as anything the imagination can conjure. Her work is a direct, honest and respectful response to the world that remains unchanged by modern humankind.


All Paula Downing's work has been made entirely by hand using the ancient building methods of slab, coil and pinch. Paula does not use a potter’s wheel or moulds, and very few tools. The clay bodies are various, chosen for their fired colour and texture. The surfaces are created by layering slips and oxides. Glaze is rarely used. Paula's ideas come from making drawings on site. The drawings are put away and the work is the result of what she has remembered, observed and felt at that time. Her ceramic pieces are an effort to reflect the rich history and natural beauty of Cornwall.