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About the Maker

Hazel, the maker behind Badger + Birch, creates handcrafted home and lifestyle products with a focus on artisan design, natural sustainable materials, and the minimisation of waste. After years of keeping her creativity a secret, Hazel set out on a life changing adventure; pushed by a heady mix of pregnancy and redundancy, she made a business plan and a dream - to make a creative life by the Cornish coast.


Hazel adores the handmade process, taking the time and care needed to make each beautifully handcrafted piece. Alongside this, sustainability of material is hugely important, with recycled and reusable products used where possible, made with processes that have the minimum impact on the environment. For example, Hazel has partnered with a local restaurant, Hooked on the Rocks, to reuse their waste mussel, oyster, crab and lobster shells. After being washed, dried and crushed, these are added to pieces of Hazel's work.

"With a drive to be creative and inspiration to do something different I set up Badger & Birch. I had a simple goal in mind - to make quality artisan crafted items for the home that focussed on natural and recycled elements. I respect beauty in natural materials and it is these materials that mould the collections I curate and create. Collected shells, mother of pearl and natural hues all add character to each piece. I am influenced by the sea and changing seasons around me and try to reflect these in the colours and textures I use."