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Beth Garnett

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About the Maker

Beth came to Cornwall in 2010 to do an MA in Illustration at Falmouth University, and now lives in Lanner. She produces prints, greetings cards, brooches and giftware, which often showcase her irreverent sense of humour and love of silly things. 


Beth works from her spare room at home and on anything she can draw on, from paper and digital, to wood and ceramics. Her work often connects with her audience through shared experience, inviting them to rejoice in the silliness and frustrations of everyday life. Beth is inspired by animals, the natural world, colour, everyday feminism and observational humour. 

''I think I'm always looking for joy where you might not expect it. Life, in all its blissful dullness, is full of these moments which can make you smile, laugh out loud, or even want to scream a bit, and we are all going through it. Some of my favourite images I've drawn are about things like that, where I've found a moment and held it up, so when people see it they think ''Oh, I know that, me too!''

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