Jasmine Bowden

Jasmine Bowden

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About the Maker

Part of Birmingham’s prestigious School of Jewellery’s alumni and a graduate of Falmouth University, Jasmine’s passion is fuelled by the wild beauty of the West Country’s coastal surroundings. It is the abundance and diversity of life under the sea, from a tiny barnacle that clings to a rock against a raging sea to the vast majestic beauty and fragility of a coral reef that has inspired Jasmine's work.


Working from her Cornish studio, Jasmine makes each individual piece with the utmost care and attention, hand cutting and shaping her silver jewellery to reflect the imperfect regularity within nature. Jasmine’s hope is that each piece will become as timeless as the ocean itself and will be loved and cherished yet also seen as durable wearable artworks.

“I like to think of the collection as an important reminder that everything is interconnected; humans and nature are part of the same unit. Essentially I hope my work will act as a reminder of the beauty and magnificence of nature as well as being something really special to wear.”